Case Studies

What’s the value of a small business website?

We often get asked by business owners “what’s the value of my small business website?” Why should I invest time and resources into purchasing something that might not yield the results I need to grow my business? This is largely due to an attempt to devalue the initial investment and usually due to the fear that if you […]

Web Design & ROI

So…the BIG question everyone wants to know from Marketing Directors, CTO/CIO’s and all the way up to the CEO and Owners. What is this going to cost me? Why so much? What do I actually get for my money? We will seek to answer these huge questions here and show proof that you an measure […]

Specific Design Problems That Lead To Rejection & Mistrust

Several studies have shown consistently that 94% users sited design issues for rejecting a product or serve and mistrust after visiting the website verses 6% that pointed to content as the related issue. Here are some specific reasons that design problems cause rejection and mistrust. Mis-Leading name of website / URL Busy complex layouts / […]

Does Your Website Use Flash?

If your website is built in Adobe Flash or uses Flash in any way you are immediately isolating all users that use iPhones, iPads and most Android devices and tablets. This is HUGE because 1 in 3 people access your website today on a tablet or mobile device. Furthermore Adobe Flash is really bad for […]

First Impressions Are Everything

Did you know? 94% of first impressions are design related. Consumer WebWatch conducted by Standford University credibility experts found that people evaluate trust of a company and their website on superficial aspects far over content which came in at less than 6% of impact. What does this mean for you company’s website? Great design cause […]

Your Website Appearance

According to SUPR-Q in their usability test found that appearance, when considered along with usability, tends to have a bigger impact on attitudes of trust and credibility of websites. 73% for usability, 49% for loyalty and 46% for trust. What does this mean? It means the way your site appears visually when the user sees […]