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Custom Corporate Websites

Custom Corporate Websites

According to SUPR-Q in their usability test found that appearance, when considered along with usability, tends to have a bigger impact on attitudes of trust and credibility of websites. 73% for usability, 49% for loyalty and 46% for trust. What does this mean? It means the way your site appears visually when the user sees it matters. Did you know all of this is determined in the first 3 seconds when the person hits your site?

Further findings show consistent associations between appearance and trust/credibility. The bottom line is user trust attractive sites more than ugly ones. This means the appearance of your website results in better sales when it appears well done.

WAIT! So if my site is beautiful that’s it? No. Actually studies show that usability along with with a great looking site builds higher perception of your product or/and services are professional, trustworthy and reliable. What does this mean? Usability means that the site is not only beautiful but easy to use. They can easily find what they are looking for with little to no frustration or confusion.

What does this all really mean? Why should I care? The result is loyalty which not only means more sales from that customer but also they will gladly refer you by word of mouth, online reviews and social media post and likes.

Still not convinced? HOT Laboratory (Human Oriented Technology) found that most users form a reliable impression of a website visually in as little as 50 milliseconds, yes! It takes 250 milliseconds to blink!! Sadly they also found that once this opinion is made that a site looks bad, therefore can’t be trusted or reliable even if it might be, sticks with them and is hard to win them back. This is why it’s SO important to have a company that has awesome designers, incredible developers and years of experience, do your website and not your friends cousin in his mom’s basement *wink wink*. It’s actually a sad reality but there is always time to correct the course. That is what we are here for.

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