First Impressions Are Everything


Custom Corporate Websites

Did you know? 94% of first impressions are design related.

Consumer WebWatch conducted by Standford University credibility experts found that people evaluate trust of a company and their website on superficial aspects far over content which came in at less than 6% of impact.

What does this mean for you company’s website? Great design cause people to trust you and stick around to find out more about your services and products. Poor designs create mistrust, doubt and make people leave.

Furthermore positive first impressions lead to higher satisfaction studies show. Bottom line? If they instantly like your site because it’s designed well and easy to use, then they are far more likely to cut you some slack for any hiccups later on in the relationship. The reverse is also true, of course, if your site is “ugly” then they are more likely to feel negative and be more unsatisfied and less forgiving.

Negative and Positive impressions can last for years studies show. YES! Administrative Science Quarterly, 2 Economist and Live Science research found that first impressions are so critical that they can cause someone to be prejudice toward you or highly supportive of you for years.

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Bottom Line
Visual Appeal, the design of your website matters a LOT! Don’t try to save money on design or it will cost you far more. I’ve seen time and time again over the last 18 years significant boost when the company understands the value of a great amazing website. We look forward to serving you and getting to know you. Start Today by clicking here