Non Compete Agreement For Massage Therapist

At times, an independent contract for massage therapists will include a non-competition clause. This section discusses whether the massage therapist can stand within a certain radius of the company when he leaves the company. If this provision is contained, it usually contains a distance and a period. The agreement could, for example, be that the massage therapist will not be able to work within a 30-mile radius for a year in order not to pick up the company`s clients. If your condition recognizes massage therapists as health professionals, it is important that you keep your client documents for the time required. So if the client has arrived lately or a long time ago, you should have your records in the file. How long should you keep it? It depends on your region. Explore with your state to see what the laws are on keeping patient files. In general, it falls somewhere around 7-10 years, but again, check with your condition. Now, of course, you can clean your binder or software and move the files of people who haven`t been there for some time to a secure memory, but you still need to have access to it. For example, even though I closed my practice at the end of last year, I will keep all my client records in a safe for the full 10 years since their last visit, in order to comply with Tennessee state law. Thanks for writing this article Laura! Competition bans can be a real problem.

As an AMTA volunteer, I occasionally receive questions about this from the chapter members of the chapter. They are happy to be offered a position in this area that we like, but then fear the effects of signing a contract with an often binding non-competition clause. I particularly appreciate your handling of the subject, because you are not only a massage therapist, but a business owner with so many loyal collaborators. One of the reasons I work for myself is that during the last two cure jobs I had years ago, we were asked not to sign competing competitions. It`s pretty standard in day spas in suburban Chicago. I never did and I started working.