Sabbatical Leave Agreement

Like other types of leave, sabbaticals must be approved or rejected according to the criteria described above. You cannot discriminate if you review application forms and proposals or if you refuse staff leave requests for sabbaticals to take retaliatory action. 4.2 Right of return. The college will make the necessary efforts to ensure the flexibility of the replacements in the faculties on leave if the latter wishes to return. At the end of the application period, the college will endeavour to return the faculty member to his or her original position or other duties, including program development, when a proposal is approved and accepted, but faculty members cannot be placed on leave, but because of irreversible arrangements to replace the faculty member. , they return entirely to their original position or other tasks, including program development. In such cases, the college and the association will meet in due course to discuss the issue. Our sabbatical plan provides eligible workers with up to [five weeks] of paid leave plus [two weeks] of unpaid leave after the first [five years] of work for our company. Then, sabbatical leave is increased by [one paid week] every [five years] with a ceiling of [eight weeks].] You have the right to take sabbaticals every [five years] until you retire. 4.6 New app. A faculty member who has been denied sabbatical leave may submit his or her proposal at any time, provided that the proposal has been amended appropriately or that the conditions have been amended, so that an identical proposal is not re-submitted under identical conditions. Preamble: It is in the interest of the faculty and administration of Lane Community College to establish an unpaid sabbatical program that provides an additional option for professional development that will enhance the contribution or ability of a faculty member to contribute to the success of the college.

As a result, this Memorandum of Understanding defines the framework for a first unpaid sabbatical program. This first program is considered a pilot experiment for a period of four (4) years. At the end of the fourth year, a joint in-depth analysis will be conducted to determine whether the program should be continued, modified or discontinued. You don`t need to return your work equipment while you`re on sabbatical. You can also use all the benefits of the business (for example. B gym membership) as usual. There are ways to limit a worker`s right to leave when taking a sabbatical, depending on when an employer`s leave is cancelled and when the sabbatical begins. In most cases, a worker who remains employed during the sabbatical is generally considered to be taken during the leave. If that is the intention, it should be clarified in the Sabbath agreement. In some cases, when a person remains employed on sabbatical, the employer may require the employer to stay in touch with the company and ensure that their level of qualification remains high. It can be achieved in different ways, for example.

B regular workplace visits (with the employer`s consent), keep them informed by email or mail with company messages and keep them informed of training opportunities.