Does Your Website Use Flash?

your website is broken if you use flash

your website is broken if you use flash

If your website is built in Adobe Flash or uses Flash in any way you are immediately isolating all users that use iPhones, iPads and most Android devices and tablets. This is HUGE because 1 in 3 people access your website today on a tablet or mobile device.

Furthermore Adobe Flash is really bad for bringing people to your website as it’s much harder to get good SEO and marketing search content on your site.

If you are using Adobe Flash or your site is running on it, please contact us today. This is a huge issue that we can resolve for you. Most people just think their site looks great but have no idea that it will not even show up when people try to visit you on their Mobile phones or iPads / Tablets.

4 Reasons Not to Use Adobe Flash to Build Your Website

    Your site can not be viewed on iPhones, iPads, most Android phones and Android tablets.
    It can take a long time to load when it does work and can cause users to give up and leave.
    It’s really hard for people to navigate and use a Adobe Flash website. You can’t use the back button is just one huge issue. Also if Adobe Flash is not updated or installed it can frustrate the user and cause you to lose them.
  4. SEO
    To attract more visitors you need to be optimized for search engines, but Flash do not have content to be crawled and indexed which causes it to be lower ranked and even blacklisted.

Bottom line… Adobe Flash Websites are out of date, old news and not good for your Business. This blog post is to protect you but if you already have one then please consider letting us make it all better.